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Dr. Mohamad Barakat MD

Our founder, dr. Barakat, a stellar example of hard work, dedication to patient care and consistency.

Dr. Barakat received his medical diploma from Damascus University, School of Medicine. He completed his residency training at Mercy Medical center in Chicago. He completed his fellowship training at Loyola University. 

Dr. Barakat areas of interest include : ICU nephrology, Chronic Kidney disease and Hypertension. 

"My goal is to provide the best care and wisdom to my patients."

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Dr. Adel Samad MD

Dr. Samad has been a true believer in the science of Nephrology and its power to heal kidney diseases since his early years in medical school. His communication skills are superb and his leadership traits are undeniable. 

Dr. Samad's area of interests include Kidney Stones, Home dialysis options, Hypertension management, Glomerulonephritis and Onco-nephrology. 

"It gives me a great joy to wake up every morning knowing that I could possibly make someone's life better easier and hopefully kidney disease free. I aspire to making the journey of chronic kidney disease, hypertension, dialysis and transplant less stressful " 

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Dr. Mohamad Mataria MD

Dr. Mataria is an excellent Nephrologist and internist who is known for his companion and warm heart. 

Dr. Mataria received his Medical diploma from the University of Mosul College of Medicine. He completed his residency training at  University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago and his fellowship training at University of Mississippi.  

Dr. Mataria's area of interests include electrolytes disturbances, acid-base disorders and chronic kidney disease. 

" "Every patient deserves all my undivided attention and unlimited time"

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